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Monitoring vital signs is a time-consuming task for your medical practice. The seca medical Vital Signs Analyzer (mVSA) was developed to support these routine checks and make the measuring process more efficient. You can measure the most important parameters and gain deeper insight into the health status of your patients. Thereby, saving time and diagnostic support for the preparation of diagnosis and therapies.

Four vital signs
NIBP; SpO2; Puls rate; Temperature

The seca mVSA can be individually configured to your needs.

Eliminates transcription errors and increases the
efficiency of your routine measurements.

Spot-check-monitor for better health status evaluation

seca mVSA 535

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.9 x 10.3 x 10.9“
  • Net weight: approx. 6.6 lbs
  • Display type: 7“ touchscreen display
  • Power supply: Built-in power adapter, internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Interfaces: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB 2.0, seca 360° wireless technology
  • Blood pressure measurement: Oscillometric method
  • Masimo SET® SpO2 measurement: Pulse oximetry
  • Temperature measurement: With in-ear thermometer or alternatively with your choice of oral/axillary or rectal temperature probe
  • Possible to connect to HID-compatible barcode scanners via USB
  • Medium blood pressure cuff included

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seca 374

EMR ready baby scale with
extra large weighing tray

  • Capacity: 44 lbs / 20 kg
  • Graduation: 0.2 oz < 22 lbs > 0.5 oz /
    5 g < 10 kg > 10 g
  • Functions: Auto-CLEAR, SEND,
    Auto-SEND, PRINT, Auto-PRINT, damping, RESET, BMIF,
    Auto-HOLD, Automatic switch-off,
  • Optional: seca 233 measuring rod


seca 703

EMR validated column scale with capacity up to 660 pounds 

  • Capacity: 660 lbs / 300 kg
  • Graduation: 0.1 lbs < 330 lbs > 0.2 lbs / 50 g < 150 kg > 100 g
  • Functions: Auto-CLEAR, damping, RESET, HOLD, BMI, Automatic
    switch-off, Mother / child-function,
    TARE, Pre-TARE
  • Slip resistant cast-iron base and anti-tip column design
  • Included: seca 220 measuring rod


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