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Increases your performance and improves your workflow

Monitoring vital signs is a time-consuming task in hospitals and medical practices. The seca mVSA was developed to support these routine checks and makes these measurements more efficient. You can measure the most important parameters ad-hoc and gain deeper insights into the health status of your patients. You thereby save time and gain additional certainty for the preparation of diagnoses and therapies.

Optimal time management

The recommended five to 10-minute resting phase prior to the BIA measurement can be used to record the patient's vital parameters.

nurse at work

Error-free data transmission

An USB scanner scans the patient ID. This rules out any future mix-ups or transmission errors.

transmitting data

Sophisticated concept

The sophisticated concept enables the simple removal and clean storage of all components.

High mobility

The integrated rechargeable battery and the stand guarantee high mobility and independence. Therefore it is not necessary to connect it to an external power source during the work day.

Child's play

It is even possible to measure the vital parameters of children – no additional device required.

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Well-informed patient consultation

Vital parameters, BIA, height, and weight* are available in the EMR system or in the seca analytics 115 software immediately after measurement for a well-informed patient consultation. The internal device memory can hold up to 70,000 measurements.

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The seca mVSA in practice

The expanded diagnostic options using the seca mVSA result from the innovative combination of vital parameters and bioelectrical impedance analysis. These select case studies prove it:

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Water management

Controlled rehydration treatment for patients suffering from exsiccosis reduces the load on the heart. With blood pressure and BIA measurements and regular monitoring of the BIVA chart, medical staff can see whether a healthy hydration level has been achieved.  

Summary: The simultaneous, non-invasive BIA and blood pressure measurement with the seca mVSA saves time and offers a reliable ad hoc assessment of the patient. 

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Heart failure

Edemas due to heart failure are easier to detect through the results of the seca mVSA. The regular measurement of body composition and blood pressure during diuretic therapy provides valuable information on the health status of the patient.

Summary: The administration of diuretics can be better controlled through the dual measurement of blood pressure and extracellular water. 


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

In addition to the general check of oxygen saturation via pulse oximetry (SpO2), it is also sensible in this case to examine the general body composition (e.g. phase angle) to evaluate the entire situation. An improvement of the general health status and an associated rise of the phase angle can be achieved through movement (aerobic exercise).

Summary: Physical training can improve body composition and the patient's well-being. Monitoring the phase angle and regular SpO2 measurements using the seca mVSA should accompany these therapies.

BIA by seca

Many decisive benefits for your everyday medical work:

  • Medically precise measurements
    Validated against the medical science gold standard.*
  • Health status
    Determine and monitor of the body's functional status as well as metabolism.
  • Quick examination
    A complete body analysis takes just a few seconds.
  • Diagnostic support
    Identify and treat symptoms early.
  • Courses of therapy
    A large measurement value memory enables the comparison of many measurements for patient therapy monitoring.


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