seca b12

seca b12

seca b12

Manual blood pressure monitor made of medical plastic for right-handed and left-handed users as a set.

  • MRI-compatible : Made of non-magnetizable materials.
  • User-friendly: Simple maintenance because the load cell can be switched out in seconds.
  • Innovative: Suitable for right-handed as well as left-handed users due to its rotatable load cell.

The large rotatable load cell enables easy operation for right-handed as well as left-handed users. The sphygmomanometer made of high-resistance polycarbonate is a top choice for hectic everyday practice due to its high impact resistance. The use of non-magnetic materials enables use in highly sensitive MRI rooms. The high-precision measuring offers the user the highest precision and flexibility despite the robust exterior.


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Technical Data

Cuff: Single-tube (colour-coded)
Valve: Chrome-plated brass with plastic cap, infinitely adjustable
Classification: Medical device class 1 with measuring function
Total length incl. bulb: 170 mm
Load cell depth: 31 mm
Scale diameter: 56 mm
Membrane hub: 1.145 mm by 300 mmHg
Tolerance: 1 % of the measuring range
Graduation: 2 mmHg
Material features: Latex-free
Main components: Polycarbonate
Weight: 125 g
Functions and Properties: Mobile, MRI-compatible
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