The matchless duo seca 456 wa and Welch Allyn Connex®: winning mobility in your everyday clinical work.

Be more efficient with immediate data transfer of height and weight from seca measuring systems to your Welch Allyn Connex® Vital Signs Monitor, Connex® Integrated Wall System or Connex® Spot Monitor (CSM). Work faster thanks to wireless communication of your patients’ vital parameters. Enjoy the excellent reliability of automatic, error-free data saving, compatible with various EMR systems.

And what makes the combination a true winner is the ease of use: just enter the license key (not necessary with the CSM), connect the devices and benefit from the seamless solution.

seca 456 wa and Welch Allyn Connex.

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Compatible Products.

seca 360° wireless.

seca 360° wireless is the most innovative and technically sophisticated product system of its type worldwide. It is a network with a wide variety of potential applications: with the seca analytics 115 software for diagnostic support and seca emr flash 101 software for connecting products suitable for radio transmission to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). This puts the measuring and weighing in a whole new league. Flexibly constructed scales and length measuring systems from seca communicate wirelessly with any number of PCs, WLAN printers, and every EMR: They are highly developed team players that receive, send, edit, and print out data digitally. This saves you valuable time during measurement and documentation and avoids sources of error that are all too human. You also receive early indications of many symptoms and courses of the illnesses of your patients and can evaluate their state of health in a more differentiated way than ever before. The seca 360° wireless product range is currently the "state of the art" in medical technology. Distinctly smart.

Baby scales

A baby‘s weight should be closely monitored to ensure a healthy start in life. That‘s why seca offers baby scales with functions to make weighing easy for nurses, doctors and care providers and with features to make babies feel good. These functions and features include skin-friendly material that quickly absorbs and reflects body warmth, soothing shapes that give the baby a feeling of security, and a damping function that ensures accurate measurement even if the baby moves.

Measuring stations

Column scales

For 170 years scales made by seca have been used in clinics, medical practices and health care facilities. The experience of all those years offers unequaled opportunities, obvious in day-to-day use: in intuitive operation that requires no time-consuming studying of instruction manuals

Height measuring systems

Measuring rods, stadiometers and circumference measuring tapes are relatively simple devices in routine medical work. They still have to fulfill challenging clinical requirements. That’s why seca produces such items as non-abrasive measurement scales and parts made of distortion-resistant anodized aluminum. For quality you can touch and see – in devices that don’t warp even after years of use, in measuring slides that always glide smoothly into position and in the consistently precise measurements that such qualities guarantee.

Multifunction and wheelchair scales

Weighing can be a complicated process, but it does not have to be. The multifunctional scales by seca offer ease of use whether the patient is sitting in a wheelchair or standing. Four scale cells make sure that a measurement can be made in any position – standing without support or holding onto the hand rail, in the middle of the scale or at the edge. There is no need for careful positioning of the patient or adjustments to the scales before weighing can take place. The focus is on convenient operation, for instance with chair scales featuring fold-away hand rails and footrests.

Chair Scales

How can you weigh immobile patients or those who are unsteady on their feet as comfortably as possible? It is best to use seca chair scales because they can be brought directly to the patient when needed, sparing unnecessary effort. The intelligent construction with fold-away footrests enables the patient to sit down comfortably and stand up safely. The precise weighing technology provides accurate results.