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Baby scales

A baby‘s weight should be closely monitored to ensure a healthy start in life. That‘s why seca offers baby scales with functions to make weighing easy for nurses, doctors and care providers and with features to make babies feel good. These functions and features include skin-friendly material that quickly absorbs and reflects body warmth, soothing shapes that give the baby a feeling of security, and a damping function that ensures accurate measurement even if the baby moves.

seca mBCA

seca mBCA - Where BMI stops, the medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) takes over. Up until now, a doctor‘s assessment of a patient‘s general health was a calculation with many unknowns. After all, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is based only on weight and height. What about the portions of fat, muscle and water? They too are important indicators of overall health status.

Measuring stations

Column scales

For 170 years scales made by seca have been used in clinics, medical practices and health care facilities. The experience of all those years offers unequaled opportunities, obvious in day-to-day use: in intuitive operation that requires no time-consuming studying of instruction manuals

Flat scales

Where space is limited, there is still room enough for seca scales and their many functions. Routine medical work is made easier, for example, by the limit function that lets orthopedists show patients the maximum loads for effective rehabilitation. Other features of seca flat scales include the high weight-bearing capacity of up to 300 kilograms and the extremely long battery operation for up to 16,000 weighings. Practical accessories such as carrying cases, and a stand for a separate display make work easier for the user.

Height measuring systems

Measuring rods, stadiometers and circumference measuring tapes are relatively simple devices in routine medical work. They still have to fulfill challenging clinical requirements. That’s why seca produces such items as non-abrasive measurement scales and parts made of distortion-resistant anodized aluminum. For quality you can touch and see – in devices that don’t warp even after years of use, in measuring slides that always glide smoothly into position and in the consistently precise measurements that such qualities guarantee.

Digital portion and diet scales

Precision is one of seca’s strengths in medicine, at home and in the dieter’s kitchen. The scale graduation down to a single gram permits absolutely precise weighing. This feature is invaluable for people who need to monitor their nutrition. Made just for this target group, the scales are more than kitchen scales

Wireless printers

Measurements transmitted by the seca 360° wireless devices can be printed quickly by seca wireless thermal printers. They also handle the automatic interpretation and analysis of results in that they present diagrams of a BMI or a child?s rate of growth, for example, and compare the findings to standard ranges.


The usage options for seca products can be greatly expanded with accessories from seca. The appropriate ramp, for example, can be added to the multifunction and wheelchair scales for easy access to the platform. Or separately available interfaces connect your seca product directly to a PC. Optional measuring rods combine weighing and measuring into a single process. And don't forget the carrying cases that are so practical you'll be tempted to circle the globe with one.


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