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The secure transmission of measurement results to the electronic medical record (EMR) is done centrally via a seca software module. Here, the measured values of all connected devices are consolidated and forwarded securely to the EMR. Depending on the device type, in addition to the linking of the measurement results with the patient ID, the authentication of the care worker in the process can also be taken into account. Our competent integration specialists support you in planning, setting up and adapting the system.

At a glance you can check the status of your connectivity, check your devices and manage them in a efficient way.

  • Is the device online?
  • Where is it situated (station, room-no.)?
  • What is the IP address?
  • What type of device is it?

The seca integration software supports current Windows operating systems. Depending on the type and number of devices to be integrated, the optimal configuration of the PC or server hardware is determined by our specialists. Please contact seca for more information.


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