Free seca mBCA product demonstration:

What you can expect from us.

seca is offering you as a medical professional a free seca mBCA demonstration, of course with no obligation to buy. This service to you will be offered by a seca sales representative of an authorized seca dealer in your region.

The package of free product demonstration includes e.g.:

  • Phone call from your seca sales manager or authorized dealer to coordinate a suitable date with you and to review your specific needs regarding your field of application.
  • Free transport of the seca mBCA to the selected location and build up.
  • Free analysis of your or another test person’s body composition including analysis via our software seca analytics 115.
  • Free printout of the test person’s results.
  • Free package of marketing materials suitable for your field of application.
  • Free amortization information for your institute or practice.
  • Dismantle of the seca mBCA, leaving the location tidy and clean.
  • Further service on all questions or wishes which may occur after the demonstration via phone, mail or personal visit. 

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are available worldwide*:

* Free product demonstration is guaranteed in these countries:

Angola, Australia,  Austria,  Bahrain,  Belgium,  Brasil,  Canada,  Chile,  Columbia,  Costa Rica,  Croatia,  Cuba,  Cyprus,  Czech,  Denmark,  Dominican Republic,  Dubai,  Ecuador,  England,  Estonia,  Finland,  France,  Germany,  Guatemala,  Haiti,  Honduras,  Hungary,  India,  Indonesia,  Iran,  Iraq,  Island,  Italy,  Japan,  Kazakhstan  Kuwait,  Latvia, Luxembourg,  Malaysia,  Mexico,  Netherlands,  New Zealand,  Norway,  Oman,  Panama,  Peru,  Poland,  Portugal,  Qatar,  Russia (Russian Federation),  Saudi Arabia,  Singapore,  Slovakia,  Slovenia,  South Africa,  Spain,  Sri Lanka,  Switzerland,  Thailand,  Turkey,  United Arab Emirates (UAE),  USA.

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