Sports Medicine

Your decisive advantages at a glance:

Optimized training control through differentiated body composition analysis.

Quality control for physiotherapy and nutrition therapy.

Better evaluation of fitness level.

Accurate, precise results, validated by clinical studies.

Easy operation ensures smooth integration in daily routines.

Injury and rehabilitation

The key to return to performance - the seca mBCA.

  • Assists in closely monitoring changes in body composition during injury.
  • Basis for rehabilitation therapy goals.
  • Segmental analysis of muscles (arms, legs, trunk) helps to define specific physiotherapy treatment.
  • Monitors body composition over time.

Pre-season training camp

Only perfect preparation secures future success.

  • The evaluation of fat and muscle mass is valuable before commencing competition training or pre-season training camps. 
  • Experienced sports physicians may define cut-off values for specific sports or certain positions in order to optimize performance capacity.

Young trainees

Small size, big potential.

  • Young trainees often lack skeletal muscle mass to be competitive.
  • Custom-tailored muscle development trainings and nutrition therapies are applied.
  • Increase of muscle mass should be regulated to prevent agility deficits.
  • seca mBCA is the ideal tool for these purposes.

Overtraining exhaustion

Turn exhaustion into recovery.

  • Monitoring phase angle may evaluate overtraining and exhaustion.
  • Insufficient recovery and inadequate supply of nutrients cause phase angle decrease.
  • Inflammatory reactions of the body cells are the result.
  • Differential diagnosis is indicated.

Application in medical field:

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