seca s20

seca s20

seca s20

Stethoscope with a standard membrane side and a bell side as well as a two-channel tube

  • Reversible double-sided chest piece: Membrane and bell side for the widest variety of demands.
  • Membrane : The convex prestressed membrane enables excellent resonance transmission through optimal skin contact.
  • Double-tube system: With separately integrated yoke spring for lossless sound transmission.

Whether listening to the heart or lungs, simply reverse the chest piece to switch on the respective range and minimize background noise. The two separate inner channels in the tube also ensure lossless sound transmission. The convex prestressed membrane guarantees perfect skin contact for optimal resonance and sound transmission.


Tekniske data og support til produktet.

Tekniske data

Samlede længde: 730 mm
Chest piece height: 22 mm
Tube type: Two-channel tube
Bell diameter: 35 mm
Membrane diameter: 44 mm
Membrane type: Standard membrane
Chest piece type: Double-sided chest piece
Material features: Latex-free
Main components: Chrome-plated brass, PVC
Weight: 209 g
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