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ECO 2013: seca mBCA – the future of obesity treatment.

05 June 2013

ECO 2013, the 20th European Congress on Obesity, will be held in Liverpool, Great Britain, from 12 to 15 May 2013. At the annual meeting of the EASO, the European Association for the Study of Obesity, researchers and clinicians discuss the latest research results and methodological innovations in the obesity field. Body composition analysis is one of the topics receiving close attention.

seca mBCA in treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

18 April 2013

A patient gains weight during type 2 diabetes mellitus treatment with reduced calorie intake and physical exercise? The seca mBCA shows precisely whether fat is decreasing and muscle is increasing.

iF gold award 2013 for seca mBCA

28 March 2013

The color gold stands for the very best, for excellence. Clearly the right color for the seca mBCA 515/514. The jury for the iF design awards 2013 apparently agreed and, in addition to the “normal” iF label given to the seca mBCA, the judges bestowed the iF gold award.

seca mBCA 515/514 won the iF design award 2013!

03 January 2013

One of the strengths of seca products is the coordination of technology and intelligent details with perfect design. This opinion was shared by the jury for the iF product design award. In a competition against 3011 other products, the seca medical Body Composition Analyzer seca mBCA 515/514 won the iF product design award 2013!

New: seca 685/684 wireless and seca 677/676 wireless.

17 November 2012

The seca 360° wireless system is still growing. Now the multifunction scale seca 685/684 and wheelchair scale seca 677/676 are wireless!

seca 360° wireless – high-end solutions for height and weight.

16 November 2012

Medical technology and information technology are growing together. The electronic patient record has become a reality and doctors increasingly rely on knowledge-based support. With the product system seca 360° wireless, seca offers a futuristic solution for matters involving height and weight measurements.

seca mBCA – individualized look at body composition.

15 November 2012

A critical body composition cannot be detected with the naked eye. Even a person of normal weight can be a risk patient if he's prone to water retention. Only a personalized and medically precise analysis of body composition can provide clarity.

MEDICA 2012 – seca offers state-of-the-art solutions!

14 November 2012

seca develops medical measuring and weighing solutions with state-of-the-art technology to assist doctors and nurses with their daily work. In product demonstrations and service offerings at its MEDICA stand (12 A63), seca proved the practicality of its solutions.


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